learning with nature

Bugcycle Community Garden

A colourful outdoor space that encourages children to explore and learn about nature.
Beach House Park,
Lyndhurst Road, Worthing.
Wheelchair access and
convenient parking.

1. Learn about local birds...
thanks to Nicky Fijalkowski a local bird enthusiast and knitting artist.
For more knitted birds,
visit her website Knit for Victory

2. Bird spotting.... can you find
14 birds hidden around the Bugcycle
garden? The birds were painted on
wood by our fabulous arty volunteers.
Click to download the free id sheet

Bird spotting activity sheet

3. Be a tree detective.... match the
leaves and seeds to identify the trees in Beach House Park. Designed and illustrated by Abigail Moss.
Download the free id sheet.

Be a tree detective activity sheet

4. Discover the benefits of herbs.... look inside our herb houses and use our sign, illustrated by local artist Emma Duggan, to identify the herbs in the garden.

5. Identify bugs and insects...
using the tiles in the garden. Graphics designed by local
school children

6. Learn about life cycles.... illustrated by local school children